Latest Preseem Quarterly report available - some interesting graphs :)

For those who don't know Preseem are an independent company who have developed software that - in Preseems words:

Developed exclusively for WISPs, Preseem is a one-of-a-kind networking solution that helps to find & fix Quality of Experience (QoE) issues across towers, access points, and subscribers.

This gives them access to data across a wide variety of equiment manufacturers and each quarter they publish a report, again to quote Preseem;

The Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report leverages Preseem’s data set to
provide a view into fixed wireless networks across providers, equipment
manufacturers and models.

It makes a very interesting read even if you do not, yet, have a need for their services.

A link is here: fixed-wireless-network-report

A couple of things jumped out which I think are interesting, first the number of subscribers (and therefore proift !) based on the AP hardware:

A clear win for one platform there ? In fact the top 4 are PMP450m, PMP 450i, PMP450 and ePMP2000 !

If you are connecting all those subscribers you need to service them so lets have a look at the throughput:

Again a clear winner emerges :)

Please go and checkout the report and make up your own opinion though !

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Still more FSK than 450? This is unexpected!

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I note the 2019 Q3 edition has now been published.

Available at the same address as the original post.

A couple of quotes:

"The Cambium PMP 450m has 1.7% of access point market share by element
count but 9.54% by subscriber count"

"As can be seen in the model specific charts below, the oversubscription distribution
is relatively stable across many models with the PMP 450m being an outlier.
This suggests that the 450m supports a much higher level of oversubscription than
these other models."