Layer 2 Firewall - how to block a MAC host

Hi all !

A customer of mine uses a CN Force200 as cpe. I'm not able now to get access to his access point so my need is to block an user/intruder who gets connection. Could you kindly help me with CN L2 firewall application ? Lots of thanks in advance.

Can you please describe the current deployment?

Are the AP and the customer on the same subnet?

Are you using any VLANs?

No VLANs at present. Ap and customer on the same subnet. Thanks for now.

If I understand your original post you want a way to keep customers behind a SM to be able to login to the AP and make changes.

Have you considered using the Management Access feature? This can be found under Configuration > Network. The purpose is to make sure the AP can only be accessed via the Ethernet interface.