LBT frequencies selected

I have a 3ghz AP ( just onboarded it into CBRS today) and it seems like the only frequencies I can select are ones called LBT frequencies. I don’t get any other option to select the lower CBRS ones. When onboarded, I had a clean 3590 frequency available ,but I cant select it since I don’t get the option. I have all frequencies loaded on the AP they just don’t show up when I use the drop down to select. We are on version 20.2.1 Any one know how I can select other frequencies? Thank you

It sounds like CBRS isn’t enabled on the AP. On the home General Status page, do you see an item listing the CBSD grant state? Under Configuration, do you see a CBRS tab?

on home page I do not see any CBSD grant state. under config tab, I do see CBRS tab. “disabled” is selected, but I think that is normal until CBRS changes it?

You need to setup the AP in CBRS management in cnMaestro and then sync it with the AP in order to enable CBRS on it.

assuming I did it correctly, that is where I started. I put the AP and all connected SM’s into CBRS management in maestro. then I went to register all devices. it seemed to register all devices just fine, but for some reason, my frequency I chose did not switch over. it is still at the one I entered 3660 or something like that. I am trying to get 3590. I entered that when onboarding and google said it was available, but after registration, it is still at 3660.

Make sure that the AP reports that it’s connected to cnMaestro. Then go into cnMaestro, into your CBRS management tool, then select the AP in question, then press the ‘sync’ button. This will enable CBRS on the device and push the settings you entered into cnMaestro. It will take 5-10 minutes for this to happen and the AP should reboot during the process.


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Holy Smokes, I see that sync button now, I forgot about that button and was out of sight and out of mind since it was not showing in my browser window. I pressed it and BAM!!! it is now registering with the proper frequency. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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No problem! Welcome to CBRS-flavor country! :wink:

:joy: Yes, I am sure it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys