Leap Year impact on GPS sync - uGPS, cnPulse and ePMP1000/2000/3000 Access Points

I am re-publishing a Field Service Bulletin from 2020 to highlight the potential for GPS synchronization loss when using Cambium uGPS, cnPulse or ePMP 1000/2000/3000 APs using integrated GPS. While many of you may have upgraded your sync hardware since 2020, if you are using any of these devices that are running firmware version AXN5.1.1 or lower, you may lose synchronization on leap year 2024 (January 1, 2024). Please reference the Field Service Bulletin below for details.

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Is AXN_5.1.1.8513 subject to this issue? or is it considered newer than AXN5.1.1?


AXN_5.1.1.8513 is a newer version of the firmware and should not be prone to the GLONASS GPS sync loss issue outlined in FSB 9079.

We are using cnmatrix switches with cnPulse, set to CMM on our 3000 units. How do we check if we are in the clear?

Our ePMP 1000/2000 APs are running GPS firmware version AXN_5.1._8174
I tried to update up to with no change in GPS firmware; even tried pushing it twice through Maestro and then manually once more on the AP. Is this AXN_5.1._8174 version also a newer version than 5.1.1?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to view the AXN FW level of the cnPulse from the cnMatrix. If the cnPulse was purchased after January 2020 there is a high probability that they have the updated firmware. Sorry that I don’t have a good answer on this one.

Yes, AXN_5.1.8174 is newer and not susceptible to this issue.