Leased Lines

Are any of you running leased lines across your canopy radio network? if so, what are you using in terms of routers etc and how do you configure them?

Let me see if I understand the question.

I’m using a 2nd wired link for backup. But we are using Frame Relay not a dedicated line.
We have the radio link as the primary link, if it fails we will start using the wire line.

Is it something like this you need?

no, i mean a scenario like this…

office A - lan is

office B - lan is

The 2 office are 20km apart, and you want to connect the 2 lans together.
I do not have the option of putting an AP at 1 end and an SM at the other.
So, each office has a canopy link into two different clusters which are connected together via a backhaul.

Hope im making sense…

Now I don’t understand the question.

Why are you asking for a leased line?

Office A has an AP and Office B has SM?
The cluster is it a CMM?

I see the analogy with the Leased line from the Telco which would be a private link from one office to another using a dry T1 with no IP. One office is the gateway for both offices.

With Canopy, we have the ability to carve VLANs out for just this purpose. You would simply put both offices’ SM’s on VLAN100, and add VLAN100 to your edge switch. You have to add the VLAN to the AP as well.

O1 LAN–>Rtr–>SM1–>AP–>BH–>Edge Sw/Rtr–>BH–>AP–>SM2–>Rtr–>O2 LAN

Now, both offices can see each other and the Internet, but cannot be seen by other SM’s in the network.

What you do from here depends on what the requirements are for the two offices.

Likely 1 office is the main office and the other is a remote office. The remote office needs access to a file server and possibly a printer or two. I would handle this with a VPN router at the head office and have remote users VPN in to access files, and printers at the main office.

This is easy to implement, secure, and consistent. Plus, users on the road would have the same type of access regardless of location.