Led on Hub360 flashes green and red

Apologies in advance for what probably are a newbie issue. I’m trying to set up a Hub360 and a Micro Client. Firmware upgraded to latest 4.62. Power LED on Hub green 2 sec + red 1 sec, but UI accessible with no errors. I try to connect the Micro Client, but there is no automatic connection, nor is the Client accesible via browser.
I’ve searched the documentation (well, thats quick since it’s quite lean), but there is no explanation of the LED neither the basic set up of Hub+client.
Is there anybody out there that can have some mercy and give some pointers? Any help appreciated.

Please log in to Hub360 (via web browser) admin/admin and start quick setup. After finish try to connect with client mini.


Please make sure both radios - hub and client are on 4.6.2 firmware.

Also, you can refer to this - See if these videos help:

Otherwise, for more detailed courses, please sign up and go through our cnVision learning plan.

Thank you.