LED Signs Interfering in 900/2.4 all over the USA!!!

We have been working with the FCC on a problem we have found with a few different companies launching wireless bridges for these new LED Roadside Signs going up everywhere. So far we have found is that what we thought was interference from another WISP is actually interference (noise) being generated by 3 different vendors wireless bridges using the old noisy Hopping technology. Somehow frequency hopping radios have been allowed to be part 15 approved. The problem with them is that they are very noisy and do not except interference. We have been able to track these signs up to 5 miles away in 900Mhz.

If you want more info on these signs please contact us. We can send out screen shots, etc. Also please complain to the FCC about this. As a group perhaps we can generate enough noise to see if a rule change can be made to fix this issue for rural and metro broadband deployment.

Both bands 900/2.4 are using these bridges. The talk is that a 5.2-5.8 version is coming out as well. That would be very bad!