License speed cap removal with 450


I would like to know if there’s any plans to release a speed cap removal on the 450 platform. As we move forward our entire platform will be 450m and 450b and we sure are getting used to the fact that there’s no speed license tiers, but can’t help that feel we are being punished for the last 10 years buying Cambium and now stuck with a mix of 4,10,20,40mb caps on various equipment. The majority wouldn’t justify paying for licenses but it’s always been a sore spot that now that there’s an only uncapped sm we are “punished” for buying in at a higher cost earlier on for less product.

I think times have changed enough that this would be an amazing thing to put forward to your loyal customers who have been with you for a decade.

Thanks for the message Ryan.  Having the tiered throughput structure is what has enabled us to reinvest in the platform and bring forth these new solutions to the market. We really appreciate customer loyalty like yours, and would like to help out where possible.

If considering bulk upgrades, please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager or local channel partner, and we can discuss a path forward to get you where you want to be.

Like Matt said, talk to you RSM and work up a bulk license purchase deal, that's what we did and we were able to save quite a bit of money... BUT keep in mind that the legacy SM's, even when fully unlocked will only push about 30-40mbps of aggregate traffic in NAT mode, and only slightly more in bridge mode. The vast majority of our SM's top out with the 20mbps license as we found it wasn't worth getting the unlocked licenses.

ALSO, Cambium is making great strides to remove licensing alltogether starting with the 900mhz 450i SM's, and continuing with the 450b radios for 5ghz... and eventually, all SM's will be unlocked. Going forward we're only purchasing the 450b SM's for 5ghz... unfortunately we'll have to wait awhile until we see 450b for other frequencies.

I understand the actual limitations within the SM itself as they are quite underpowered hardware wise, but for a lot of our auto provisioning it would make more sense to be able to set actual QOS values for different packages. It's just frustrating at this point when there's not much value left in restricting off the speeds of an SM but I'd still have to speak to an RSM and buy licenses.

I will reach out