Licensing and Installing 3.65 GHz PMP devices

I’m considering replacing some 2.4 GHz backhauls with 3.65 GHz links. We don’t currently have any 3.65 GHz links and we have not yet obtained a license. Is the licensing still as simple as registering with the FCC’s ULS and registering each link with a SAS? Is there any Cambium documentation that shows how to set up Cambium 3.65 GHz devices and manage them, including the SAS connection, through cnMaestro?

You are going to need someone with a CPI or get your CPI cert yourself to install the radios and you will need to pick a SAS provider. Google or Federated. Federated has had a number of issues in the last few weeks.

They will broadcast after they register and acquire a grant from the SAS, but in order to register you will need exact measurements of the radio deployment. The CPI course will go over the required information.

If you live near a coast you may need to be aware that some Naval radar systems may affect your deployment.
West coast: 150-200 km
East coast: 300-400 km
Gulf coast: 300-400 km

Here is the guide.

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