life cycle?

is there any future improvements to the wimax platform planned?

WIMAX is effectively dead at this point. Existing equipment is still usable, but there hasn’t been an update to the software in 2 years and I doubt the equipment will be manufactured much longer.

Personally, I’m chomping at the bit for he 450s in the 3.6 GHz range. The environment I’m in is very hilly, heavily treed, and has a lot of noise and interference from other companies using non-Cambium products. The 320s simply cannot handle that, and I’m hoping the 450s will.

Chris, Ted is correct. The PMP 320 has no further changes planned. Our alternative for support of the 3.65 GHz frequency band is the PMP 450 product. This utilizes the PMP 450 firmware and software, is the PMP portfolio flagship platform, and has a robust roadmap in front of it.


We’re attending a Cambium Roadshow event this coming Monday and hope to see some 3.65 PMP450 demoed. PMP320 seems to be totally dead - there hasn’t even been a firmware update in over a year.

I’m pretty disappointed with our recent Cambium experiences with the completely useless Wireless Manager and embarrassingly bad PMP320. I’d rather deal with 802.11 gear! PMP450 looks to be the way to go. What we have of it in 2.4 and 5.8 we’re very happy with. This is what Cambium should’ve been rolling out instead of teasing us with the rebranded Gemtek garbage.

Maybe at some point we’ll be able to rationalize replacing our PMP320 if we can find a buyer for the old stuff. It would be nice to get some real performance out of our licensed space.