Lightning just took out my main site...

And I need a recommendation.

I’m planning on replacing my CMM with Packetflux, and want to know what managed switch you would recommend.

I’ll also consider other sync recommendations, but I need to act fast to get gear here ASAP.

Thanks, all.

We’ve been using HP Procurves and they seem to work pretty good. We use the Last Mile Gear CTM-1M for timing - can support up to 8 devices with the ability to daisy-chain slave units for additional devices. I see that packetflux has done that with their syncinjectors now too. I just like the ability to open a web page and see what my GPS status is (how many SATs tracked, etc).

Yep, I’ve already switched gears. My partner remembered that I’d been talking it up when I ran across it a while ago, and I hadn’t even remembered. Built in surge protection seals the deal…

I can’t say enough about MOXA combined with a CTM-1

Small form-factor
Hardened Industrial design (0-60C or -40-75C)
Redundant 24VDC power input
Broadcast, Multicast, and Flooded Unicast rate limiting
Fully Managed
Port Based VLAN
EMail notifications

I used two 24V power supplies to power the CTM-1 and the MOXA switch so both devices have redundant power supplies.

The first thing we noticed was that the network was snappier - probably due to better packet handling from the MOXA

I am leery of anything with a fan on my towers.