Lights not working on new 450i radios

     Was setting up some 900Mhz 450i radios when I plugged one in and , no lights... my assumption was the radio wasn't powering up so I grabbed another one and again no lights. So now I'm thinking maybe the power supply is bad but I grab 3rd 900Mhz 450i and it lights up.. hmm two bad 900Mhz 450i's I'm thinking. So I set up that radio and couple more.

     Well the installer calls later to tell us that one of the radios we set up didn't work, no lights when plugged in. Again I'm thinking "did we get a whole batch of bad radios ?" But then I just happen to notice that the radio is in fact connected to the AP and ask the installer to see if they can access it even though it has no lights. Sure enough they was able to get into it and it appears to work fine but no lights. Just started setting up some more 900Mhz 450i's this morning and again, no lights but the radios appear to work just fine.

     Is there a setting somewhere that turns the lights off or did we just get a batch of radios with defective lights or is this part of a bigger problem that is going to come back and bite us if we continue to install these radios ?

I'd say on about 50% of the 900MHz PMP450 SMs we've bought (not many, to be fair, and over a year ago) the LEDs were intermittent or never worked.  Closer investigation showed that the LED components were damaged, likely during assembly.  (in one case the top half of each LED was missing, like they'd exploded from a surge but lacking any charring - the LEDs just ended at a clean break - in others the snapped-off top of the LED was still attached at one edge, as in the attached photo)


There is no way to turn them off.  These (if they are similar to what Newkirk posted) appear to be from mechanical trauma... We would certainly replace them under RMA process if they are under warranty.  Can you open a support ticket if interested?

I would recommend doing this, just in case the problems that caused this may lead to other failures.  In addition, we'd like to analyze these and find out if we can determine what caused this.