Limiting Number of Simultaneous Devices in cnMaestro authenticating with Radius


I configured a WLAN as shown in the picture below using an external Radius server.

We are trying to configure a WLAN with Radius in cnMaestro using the configuration as per the attached file.
Sometimes everything seems fine, but out of nowhere the authentication portal just doesn’t appear anymore.
When it works well it works bandwidth control, etc, but when a device is connected and authenticated with certain credentials (username and password) I can connect other devices with the same credentials. It is possible to limit the number of devices per credential so that only one device can be connected simultaneously.
I can do this for example in Voucher settings, I’m looking for something similar when using Radius server on WLAN.
Could you help us by letting us know where we are going wrong? Also if you have unnecessary settings please indicate and send a corrected file.

In addition, I add the WLAN configuration file in cnMaestro.
E-Series - CLARO - (2.3 KB)