Line of Site.

I have been using a whisp service for about a year now and since the newest upgrade my service has suffered a lot. I was wondering how much line of site matters? The niegbors have planted a new tree next to our house and it seems to be blocking the AP line of site. The ISP ensures me that it is not the cause and that is has to do with the new upgrade. Im only 29 (approximately 0.27 miles (1421 feet)) from the AP so I should be flying. Im trying to find out the download percentage and upload percentage, but I cant seem to find in on the site menu. Is it under AP Eval Data? Any information you can give would be great. If you need any info from me just let me know. I should be getting 3mb down and 1.5 up. I was told that the software cant handle anymore speed but I think thats bull. Thanks for you time guys

look under extended stats for the screen
at a quarter mile, I can’t imagine a tree causing much problem in our experience

I dont understand why it could be this bad then. One night I’ll have 3mbs down and then Ill wake up with 400k. Its horrible. My Jitter is 1 and my percentage is @ %90

Anyone know why this might be happening or have similar problems?

What are you using to test your speed? Remember that you won’t get 100% speed consistency from test to test, especially if you are doing tests so quickly as to fill your token buckets without allowing them time to reset.

I usually use or giganews. Giga allows you to see your speed over time and I can see it dropping. I mostly found out about this problem by playing onine games with my kids. Our pings were 200-300 and there was horrible lag. I ran the tests and saw that our speeds were lower then 56k! Then that night they were back up again. Now there down!?!?! Its a never ending cycle and I just cant figure out why its happening. The worst part is that my ISP doesnt seem to know either. I know that they recently upgraded to the new software verion so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I just wish I could figure it out. The wierd thing is, even when the speeds come back, the online gaming still suffers. If we host a game (1mb upload) we still have a ping of 200-300!!! How can this be? I feel like I’m just banging my head against the wall.

Even more crrazy news. After trying to figure out why my speeds were so low I ran out of ideas. That is until I decided to get my self a bandwidth monitor. When I turned it on I saw something so interesting that all my problems finally made sense. About every 4th second, my connection was completlely dropping out! I would go from 2 megs to 0; then slowly back to 2 then back to 0. This is also happening with my upload. I guess it explains why sometimes I would test and have 3mb and then test minutes later and get 300k.

Now what I need to know is, does anyone else have this problem? Could someone from Canopy explain why this would happen? I know my ISP is not the sharpest on the block, so I have had to do all the research on my own. Luckly, they are freinds who allow me to tweek and bend the settings. So far I cant see why this would happen. We are being blocked by a tree, but the LOS is only going through the tree tops. Has anyone else test thier clients on a bandwidth monitor to see of they are getting a CONSTANT stream?

Thanks for all your help guys

Does any one have any ideas?

can you get them to ping your SM and see if the connection remains consistent? or can you set your system to one of their internal IP addresses and ping the AP your connected to, or ping their gateway. This would at least tell you if you are losing connection between you and the tower. if you cannot do this, then your ISP should be responsible for making your connection solid.

I’ll call them and tell them to try this. I dont think they really know what they are doing so any info I can tell them will help. I told them about this forum and that thier are people here that can help, but they assured me they knew what they were doing! HAHA oh well

I think the Trees are the issue. Are you using a reflector? If so, it’s possible it drooped a little.

5.7’s can’t take any foliage within the Fresnel Zone.

2.4’s can get through some foliage as long as it’s not too dense

900’s are very forgiving.

if the dropout is rhythmic - regular, it may be interferrence from another nontimed unit. Are you sure all the ap’s are being timed in a cluster or that there isn’t another competing system that isn’t controlled by the same timing master fed by gps. as the units lose sync in their transmitting phase, they will interfere with another nearby unit. Just a thought

MD, I really think that might be it. I dont know much about the hardware, but I just went up to the roof of my apartment building, and found another antenna right near mine! I looks like someone else in my apartment has the same service. I dont know if it is a nontimed unit, but it is aimed at the same building as my own. Also, there is foliage in LOS of my antenna as well. What should I tell my lame ISP to try and fix it?

I just want to say thanks for all your guys help as well. This community has given me more knowledge then my ISP has about the Canopy system. If I ever get my service working, I will be able to work for them or start an ISP of my own. Anyone in Chicago? :wink: