Link 72 kilometers with old PTP54600 and great performance.

La Universidad Estatal de Guerrero en México planea sustiuir este viejo enlace PTP54600 por un nuevo PTP670. No obstante, les dejo las capturas de pantalla para comparar el desempeño del calculado con LINKPlanner contra el desempeño medido en campo. 

The State University of Guerrero (UAGRO) plans to replace this old PTP54600 link with a new PTP650 link. However I show the performance calculated with the real obtained in the field.

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From what I'm seeing you should easily be able to get 300mbps out of this link changing over to PTP670... and it looks as though you have enough spectrum to move up to 40 or 45MHz channel width... which would give your 400 and 450mbps, respectively.


Hi Eric.

It is very probable right now the circumstances of the spectrum will be different, but in fact, we have the expectation of increasing the capacity to 400 mbps. even though the tower already has more links installed.

Current situation of tower.