Link Aggregation 850s

I have a client who is looking at using the link aggregation feature built in to the 850s, however link planner does not allow me to pick any other link type apart from 1+0 which will then allow me to pick an ethernet configuration like “Multiple ethernet with LAG”. Basically I’m just wondering if this feature is actually available in the 850s yet? As it states that it is in the User Guide… Also need to know what I’ll need on my BOM.

Welcome to the Cambium Community.

Both 2+0 and link aggregation are not yet available on the PTP 850S, you will need to use the PTP 850C for these features. The Layer 1 Link Bonding feature on the PTP 850C is not yet available in LINKPlanner and will be added in a future release later this year.

Please see the Technical Description for each product to get the full details of which features are currently available.