Link breaks every 30mn

I have a Base station of 900MHz with about 30 SMs. My last installation, i have noticed that every 30mn, the SM will cut off for about 5mn. I am wondering what can cause that.
Can radar also do that because the path of my link is on the south of the Airport.

Worried Karim

Probably not radar, but certainly may be a burst transmission. Try moving the AP to another frequency.

if you have the time watch a spectrum test when everyone is getting kicked off and see if there is a better freq. to switch to. I have never tried this, but it would be interesting to see if you can see whats causing the disconnects.

We had a problem almost identical to what’s being described. Spectrum analysis didn’t show much out of the ordinary, but changing the frequency solved it.

were you able to monitor the spectrum during the interference?

Yeah - nothing seemed to “spike” up or draw any red flags. Reregs were very high (300+ in a matter of days) and the customer was unable to keep a VPN connection going for more than an hour.

I ended changing the frequency to something closer to the middle of the band. Haven’t had a problem since.