Link Connected But No Connectivity on AP Side : PTP450 900MHz


Trouble shooting a PTP450 900MHz link and trying to figure out why traffic is no longer passing to/from the radio on the AP side.

The link is still connected and can access the AP from the SM side of the link. 

I have tried...

...rebooting the AP.

...removing the power from the AP.

...connecting a laptop directly to the AP via the data port of the AP power supply.

I am unable to ping or communicate with the AP from the AP side of the link.

Is it likely a...

...bad NIC port on the AP?

...bad surge suppressor at AP?

...bad surge suppressor at ingress to building?


It's unfortunate that it decided to do this on what feels like 110 degree day.

Please Stay Safe

Check Configuration->ProtocolFiltering on the AP - I suspect either you have a bad ethernet or a filtering rule in the AP is blocking access...

Can you reach the SM when connected to ethernet on the AP?



Unfortunately I cannot access the AP from the AP side of the link.  I can only access the AP from the other side of the link.

I have attempted to access the AP via laptop plugging directly into data port of power supply for the AP but no joy. 

No changes have been made to Protocol Filtering.

So is that leading you to bad ethernet port on radio?

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