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Hello, is there a a possibility that we can shut the ethernet port like the Canopy radios? We use ePMP for our customers  and is important to us  when we need to Troubleshooting something or just disconnect them from service because a payment due or other reason..

Thank you

+1 for independant port control - disable/enable each SM port separately.

BTW, currently you can achieve this (cutting off customer connection, NOT per-port) the same way we had to on the PMP320 - create an L2 firewall rule on the SM that blocks ethertype 806 on LAN interface.  When enabled, ARP is blocked, effectively cutting off communications. 

A simple ethernet disable toggle would be easier and clearer, but as far as scripting disable/enable of clients, I just create the firewall rule on every SM when pre-provisioning but with the L2 firewalling disabled, then enable/disable L2 firewalling to suspend/restore service.


Thanks for the suggestion!!!

With Layer 2 Firewall Rules (Under Configuration->Security) you can effectively disable the Ethernet port from passing traffic with a rule like this.

This will catch all traffic coming into the Ethernet interface of the SM and drop it. Additionally if you have no other Firewall Rules defined, by preloading this rule you can Enable/Disable the Ethernet port by Enabling/Disabling the Layer2 Firewall.

Thanks Seth

Hello everyone this only works in Bridge Mode, we tried in NAT Mode and it doesnt works. We tried a layer 3 Firewall using separate wireless ip address for management and we lost management in all interfaces ( wireless/lan/separate ip address). 

This can be done via the SNMP MIB