Link of 10 miles doubts


That such a good day could support me with some doubts I am starting to migrate to Cambium teams for ptp links the distance between point A and point B are 10 miles I intend to use the following settings.
2 Force 110
2 Antenna 5.1 - 5.8 GHz Plate Gain 34 dBi, of the mark TXPRO
The objective is to pass 150 mb is accepted suggestion all information is very valuable and of great support of before hand I thank your help greetings from Mexico.


Be sure to get the link profiles, but 10 miles is easy, I’ve got a shot 19 miles on 29 DB dishes, performance is exactly as the link calculator forcasted

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Thanks for the support, I will review the data you mention thanks.

Concur. The LINKPlanner screenshot you've provided doesn't contain any path profile data: There's no terrain there!

You'll need to register in LINKPlanner under Tools, Options, Path Profile.