Link offline, Will not allow changes to be made after firmware upgrade

HAve an integrated radio with a fresh upgrade.  

It will not allow any settings to be changed.  The save button never lights up, no matter what changes you make.  

Any ideas?

Which FW?

Ben - I figured it out

Looks to be caused by a config error from long ago. Apparently the NAT mode default gateway was programmed with an IP that was invalid. x.x.x.8 vs .9 Funny thing is, NAT had never been configured on this radio, and there was nowhere to configure it in the GUI.
Went in via CLI, did “show config” which is where I noticed it. Changed it there, applied, saved, and rebooted and magically my save changes button started working again.

Apparently cambium has some logic on the ip addressing fields, which is good, but it didn’t tell me what the issue was. Stuff just didn’t work.
It starts when you transition from 2.3.4 to 2.4, and carried on up to the latest 2.4 something.
One thing I still question is how that field was ever programmed to begin with…? We’ve never NaT’d these radios. Always been PtP.
I wound up stepping this radio through every firmware from 1.4 to current to see where it broke. Made for an early morning!

It wouldn’t have been a huge issue, but I had upgraded both radios, then flipped the remote side to ePTP mode and saved/rebooted. Went to do the local side and couldn’t save the change, and it was too late to revert the other side without going onsite. And it’s a production link.

Another day in paradise :slight_smile:

You need a sandbox... there's something about making changes on a production network that just doesn't seem to work out.... lol.  Glad you found it.  Seemed like some sort of config. glitch, but wanted to make sure you didn't have some funky FW going.

I can’t say it’s not a bug, but realistically it’s more of a poorly documented feature exacerbated by poor configuration. If it’s going to automatically say no to something, it should at least tell me. After all, it nags about power levels and everything else.
It’s just a very specific set of circumstances.
And yes, we’ve got spare radios, but it wouldn’t have prevented this unless we just flopped hardware. Now that there is stable firmware out with a real PtP mode, we probably won’t touch them until they die. We were on 1.4rc12 originally, trying to fix the DHCP relay issue from long ago. At least it was overnight, and didn’t affect prod. We just would have had to be there at daylight to swap in spare radios.