Link plan for ptp550 integrated

Hello, I am trying to make a 14-kilometer-long link plan for PTP550 Integrated radios. The challenge is that on Linkplanner, there is no option for ptp550 integrated and in the online version, there is completely no ptp550. Kindly assist

Hi Timothy,

PTP 550 has not been added to the online version yet. We plan to add it in a future release, but we will be focusing on PTP 820 and PTP 850 as the next set of products to add.

For now you will need to use the desktop version to plan for PTP 550.

You can see the supported products in the release notes - Changes to LINKPlanner — Cambium LINKPlanner Online Help (6.1.3) and also



Thanks Andrew. This is noted

Hi Timothy,

Hopefully you have found it by now and sorry for my delay in replying as I was on vacation, but you can plan PTP 550 integrated radios in the desktop version of LINKPlanner, simply choose the High Gain Integrated option from the antenna drop down list under the Configuration at Each end section.

Thank you Rachel for your response, i found it