Link Planner 4.5.1 and Windows 10 - Issues

My Link Planner will not open anymore.  I am running 4.5.1 and have Windows 10.  It gives me an "Unexpected Errors" dialogue, but freezes and doesnt actually show me the errors.  


I've just tested v4.5.1 on Windows 10 and I don't see any errors. There are a few things that you can try that will help to resolve things.


Try reinstalling LINKPlanner in an alternative location, for instance C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner_4.5.1. It's possible that there was an error during the previous install which is causing the crash.


Send me your LINKPlanner log files. They may provide more information on the cause of the error. To locate the log files on Windows:

- Click Start -> Run

- Enter "%APPDATA%\LINKPlanner" in the "Open" text box

- Send me all of the "cambium_linkplanner" log files


If LINKPlanner is closing before the application starts then the log files may not contain the important information. In this case you can run an alternative version of LINKPlanner which prints errors to a console window. To do this:

- Click Start -> Run

- Enter "cmd" into the Open box and click OK

- Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the LinkPlannerConsole.exe (possibly C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner\LinkPlannerConsole.exe) and drag and drop it onto the cmd window, then press enter to run LINKPlanner.

- Send me the messages that appear in the "cmd" window.

Please send any files to rather than posting them to the forum.



perhaps you haven´t used the correct download choose the correct operative system.

I have been the windows 10 and It´s working good in my laptop.

I will get you this data next week. It was working just fine but I think an update hit my machines that is causing the error.

Another user has reported this problem with 4.6.3, so these are the steps that resolved the problem.

Firstly, clear out the current settings in LINKPlanner:

- Click Start -> Run
- Type "regedit" in the Open box and click "OK"
- Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CambiumNetworks\LinkPlanner"
- Rename the "LinkPlanner" node to "LinkPlanner_orig"

Then clear out any cached files that LINKPlanner uses:

- Click Start -> Run and enter "%APPDATA%\LINKPlanner" into the Open box, then click OK

- Delete everything in this directory (it should contain some cached files, a "modules" directory, etc)

Then try starting LINKPlanner and see if it launches correctly.

This will remove any user settings, so you will need to enter your email address and path profile token if you wish to request path profiles.


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