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Hey All

I am doing up a BoM that for a design that will have both PMP450m APs and PTP820S.  The BoM has spat out two different types of cables, one for the PTP820 and one for the PMP450s.  I have not been able to find out any information on google to figure out the difference between them.

N000082L016 - PTP820S Outdoor CAT5E (This is what the PTP820 BoM output)

WB3176 - Copper Clad Outdoor CAT5E - (this is what the BoM for the PMP450m's output)

Does anyone know if there is any difference between these two model numbers, as I would like to simplfy the order and simplfy the installation, only having one type of cable for the installers.

Any help is much appreciated


The WB3176 cable is a superior ESSEX cable, which is a superior CAT5E cable. Probably the biggest differnce is the shield part and gel filled in this cable. see pic below. For that reason, the cable is more riggid than PTP 820S normal cable and you need aware during your installation.

This cable certainly support PTP 820S, i would say it is a overkill for PTP 820S installation. 



Just out of curiosity, why would be overkill specifically for PTP820s?


There are big difference on cost of the cable. The cable recommend for PTP 820S is less expensive and been fully tested and meet PTP 820 spec requirement.