Link Planner Error [Errno 10061] target machine actively refused

Hi all,

I want to know, why my Link Planner doesnt want to connect to Internet.
I already check the proxy and firewall, but there is no issue.
The error displayed like this when i generate my Profile Path

Maybe someone of you have a solution?


When LINKPlanner requests a path profile, it makes a call to This is the same as the “Test networks settings” button in the Options → Network Settings panel.

Follow the steps on How to Obtain Path Profiles?. If you are behind a proxy, take note:

LINKPlanner only supports “HTTP Basic” authentication, so if the proxy requires anything else, LINKPlanner cannot connect. This is most often caused by a setting with Microsoft’s proxy server, which by default only supports NTLM authentication.

The most likely cause of this error is a proxy server issue. Try to connect through a different network to see if that resolves the problem. Allow all HTTP traffic to and



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