Link Planner needs greater ability

Hi all.

So I have spent a couple of hours today developing a link plan for a client that has a very large property and needs a few links.

Now this is all all well and good BUT Link Planner can only give me 1/2 the information as far as the build of materials etc goes this is because Link Planner lacks the ability to drop in things like switches and WiFi.

So in this instance there are 5 links at the end of each link will sit a CnMatrix switch, initially 2 of the 5 links will only have 2 x high end survaliance cameras each at the end of them but are set to grow in the next 12 months, but I can't even drop in the switches.

The other 3 links will have 2 x high end survaliance cameras each at the end of them as well as 4 x E410's.

Just wondwering how people are developing a single document to be able to give to a client that has more Cambium geare than what Link Planner will allow.

Thanks in advance.

Wayne Pryor

Managing Director

Waykat Services P/L

Hi Wayne,

We'll be adding the cnMatrix switches as BOM extras in a future release (I can't give you a date yet unfortunately). You can add WiFi products using the BOM Estimator, under Project Configuration -

For now you will need to export your BOM to Excel and then add the extra parts that you require to get a complete BOM.



Thanks Andy for your feeedback and help on the subject.

Just some feedback just for what it is worth ( if anything ) I think that Link Planner would greatly benifit from being able to produce a compleate plan from start to finish including a compleate build & bill of materials instread of having to resort to something like Viso or similar & producing 2 x or more seperate documents.

Just my thoughts.


Wayne Pryor

Managing Director

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