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does link planner relate with satellite before calrifying the line of sight is visible ..

can i go ahead with the link if its say line of sight on the profile plot


"LINKPlanner uses the following data sources:

LINKPlanner uses this data and your site data (lat/long/antenna height) to determine whether the path is Line Of Sight (LOS), near LOS (nLOS), or Non LOS (NLOS).

This may also be helpful:

If LINKPlanner show that there may be a problem achieving LOS, we recommend a path survey and site surveys.

(There's no substitute for a good path survey and site surveys.)

I suggest you start with one of the tutorials here:

I hope this helps!


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I don't know what wrong with my link planner, I notice it when it was upgraded, When ever I input the height of my cpe it shows red, the height I feel it best for me to scale all obstacle, what might be wrong?

If the site has a "Maximum Height" value set then LINKPlanner will display the antenna height in red if it exceeds the max height for the site. There was a bug in earlier versions where the control did not always turn red correctly, but this was fixed in 4.8.2.

You should see something like "(Max height at site is 10m)" next to the antenna height control.

This is for a PTP link:


And this is for a PMP link: