Link test not working?

I'm dealing with a slightly troublesome link.

Trying to run a link test on it in cnMaestro but the "Start test" button is greyed out.

The node is live and I can see the stats etc in cnMaestro but no link test.

I'm wondering if this is because the device on the other end of the link (the end "closer" to me) is refusing to show up on cnMaestro.

These are two ePMP Force 180 devices running 3.5 by the way.

Anyone have a suggestion on what might be the issue?

Hi ,

For the ePMP or PMP link test to work you need to have both the AP and SM on boarded to cnMAestro. Without the SM onbiarded you will see the start test button greyed out , which is happening in your case. Please try to onboard the SM and try the link test.