Linkplanner 4.6.2 and cnReach details

Good afternoon,

I had a few questions about PTP links in LinkPlanner 4.6.2, especially for nLOS and NLOS configurations:

* is there a screen where I can get my compass bearing, from one site to another

* in some of my applications, I may be using yagis PTP with an elevation gain of 1000' or more. Is there a screen that shows predicted inclination / declination of either/both ends?

Two general questions:

* any dates proposed for the official support for the spectrum analyzer view and functionality on the cnReach units?

* any dates proposed for PMP LinkPlanner configurations support with the 900 MHz version of the cnReach units?


Kyle Rather

LINKPlanner does not provide "screens" with bearing or inclination.

However, LINKPlanner does provide an installation report with this information (and much, much more).

You can find the installation report under File, PTP Installation Reports, Project (or PTP Link).

Select Project if you want the information for the entire project, and select PTP Link if you want the information for just the link you've selected.

LINKPlanner creates a PDF file with installation information for the link and each site, including Antenna Tilt angle, Bearing to (the other end of the link), Magnetic Declination, etc.

You can get more information about LINKPlanner reports here:

I will forward your other two questions to the appropriate product managers (cnReach and LINKPlanner) and we'll report back shortly.

I hope this helps!


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In addition to Dave's comments, although we don't provide the bearing and tilt information on the individual path screens, it is available in the PTP Links view, where you can see compass bearings with respect to both True North and Magnetic North and the required tilt. Please note that for NLOS links the tilt angle shown will be to the top of the nearest obstruction.


To learn more on how to customize the items shown in the list view, please take a look at

We are working on the PMP functionality and expect it to be available in Q1 next year.



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Thanks Dave! I might have to figure out a good way to export and import my 350 sites, selecting just the ones I need in an evaluation, and creating sub-projects. With 33 links I get a 174 page report. Very thorough! And of course, you guys thought to make hot links to go to just the section I need. Great stuff! You guys really do follow my moto: no such thing as too much information. Thanks for your time!

Great feedback Rachel, as I did not know the coulmn could be modifed for a quick glance. I'll go through and update them to better serve my purposes. Excellent feature, wish I'd found it sooner!

I hope that this makes things easier for you. We have recently added the ability to save and recall column selections if you want to have different views at different times. Also under Tools - Options - Reports if you tick the box "Only export visible columns to CSV file" then these will be the only columns shown when you export to the spreadsheet format.