Doing link planning for PTP650 under v4.6 link planner.

I have attached screenshots for each scenario:

1. tower at 30ft

2. tower at 60ft

Why does the link planner result for the 80-60ft towers have error in relation to the freznel zone, while the other does not.

Hi Gerry,

If a link is not Line of Sight, there is already Excess Path Loss on the link as shown in the Link Summary. LINKPlanner also notifies you above the profile that it is Non Line of Sight. It is a perfectly valid scenario for our unlicensed equipment to operate NLOS and therefore in this case it will not show a warning about potential additional loss due to Worst Earth Curvature.

The Worst Earth Curvature warning will only be displayed when the link is LOS at standard earth curvature, to guide users that the antenna heights are not high enough to maintain LOS in all conditions.



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