LinkPlanner 4.8.8 - GoogleEarth map error

Hi Guys,

Did anyone experience this with 4.8.8. These errors resulted from viewing the GE map feature inside LP.

Any comments?


Hi Gerry,

Are you running the latest version of IE (11)? If not, you should try updating to the latest version.

If that doesn't fix things then what happens when you load the map in IE directly? -

How big is the project file that you are trying to view? Do you see the same error if you create a new project with a single site in it? If not, send you project file to and we will investigate further.

Finally do you have a proxy or antivirus (or virus) that could be injecting additional JavaScript into the page before it loads? 



Hi Andy,

I am using windows 10 pro (embedded IE 11). Tried to delte the "modules" folder and still have the same error. Create a new LP file using a single network site, viewed through the embedded GE map and still have the same error.

I took the correct generated script error in sequence according to number as attached.

this is the result for the URL using IE, however - works with GoogleChrome, Opera & Edge (except for IE, Firefox))

If I visit that page in IE I get a dialog:


When I click "Cancel" I then see the map:

Firefox should load, but redirect to "lp://map_ready/", with a message of "The address wasn't understood". This is expected since the "lp" scheme is used to pass messages from the embedded IE window and LINKPlanner.

Chrome will appear to load the page without error, but if you view the Network tab of the developer tools then you will see the "map_ready" redirect as "cancelled".

The errors that you are seeing indicate that the script is being modified before it gets to your browser. I haven't seen this exact error before, but some users have had issues with proxy servers, anti virus software or viruses injecting code into the page. Check the applications and settings on your machine to ensure that the pages are not being modified. If possible, try it on a different computer or network connection.