LINKPlanner and TDWR locations

A customer of mine recently pointed out that their PTP network was close to a location that LINKPlanner had auto-populated with an "X" marked "IAH". They took a closer look and pointed out that this was not Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, which has an airport code of IAH, but is several miles east of the IAH marked in LINKPlanner. I thought this was an error and alerted the LINKPlanner team. Dave Hensley corrected me and pointed out that these auto-populated sites in LINKPlanner are not airports, but TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar) locations! LINKPlanner explains this in a way when you click on data sets, a button that appears at the top of the map on the offline tab. The data set currently has one list and that is "FCC Weather Radar Sites", which you can enable or disable. 

Dave also provided me with the following info:

From the LINKPlanner release notes (in the User Guide):

  • Include the FCC database of TDWR (weather radar) stations. A warning will be displayed for links operating at 5.4 GHz within 35 km of a TDWR station; steps must be taken by operators to ensure that they do not interfere with these radars.

 I found a list of these sites and their coordinates:

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