LINKPlanner "Ask the Experts" April 22

So if the PMP450s are listening the whole TX/RX cycle, how does one get the interferance level for LinkPlanner?

In the case of PMP 450, the spectrum analysis simply listens, measures and reports energy it sees throughout the spectrum.  It is not timed via GPS in any way.

In R13.3, however, we added a new feature to do almost this exact thing.  It's called "Sector Spectrum Analysis", wherein the AP and all SM in a given sector will go into Spectrum Analysis mode and perform a scan at the same time, so they are not hearing energy from the AP (or neighboring SMs on the same sector), but listening to everything else in the environment.  This provides a good estimate of noise, because in normal operation, the Cambium product is timed (via GPS Synchronization) and minimizes self-interference.

Go see the R13.3 Release Notes here, section 3.8, page 22.

Thanks! good to know.  We were told NOT to use 13.3 within the united states, so may have to wait the the US edition of 13.3 ;)

Please try the R13.4 Beta!

It's got a lot of fixes for some of the issues that occurred with R13.3, as well as some great new features.

The Beta software is available here.

You can read about the features and other user discussions using this software in this thread.