LINKPlanner - Display Basic PTP Info

In LINKPlanner, I would like the PTP link windows to show the basic link info like azimuth, up/down tilt.  The PMP screens show that for every single subscriber, but for the PTP links you have to generate the installation report and scroll through it.  We should at least be able to see the basics.

Any update on this at all?

You can already display this information for PTP links, but you have to display one of the links tables (such as the PTP Links panel) to see it.

Click on "PTP Links" in the tree. Right-click in one of the table column headings and then select:

Left Antenna Tilt
Right Antenna Tilt

Left Bearing, Mag N

Right Bearing, Mag N

Left Bearing, True N

Right Bearing, True N

And move them over to the right-hand column. Then click OK. You can use the search box at the top of the left hand list to make it easier - just search for "tilt" and then "bearing". Use ">" to move the current selection to the right, use ">>" to move all of the items in the left-hand list to the right.

We have no plans to display this information on the individual link panel.