LinkPlanner isue in PC Admin account

HI All,

I appreciate you to assist on issue, I’m facing with Linkplanner in My PC admin account.
Long time has passed since I’m not able not use Linkplanner in my PC admin account, I’m only able to use in Guest account.

When I try to open linkPlanner in ADMIN account it doesn’t open and I get below notification


So, if you have faced issue like this, I appreciate you to update me with step to correct it.

Hi Fernandes,

This error appears when something goes wrong before LINKPlanner has started enough to use the standard application logging. The UI library that LINKPlanner users tries to write the crash report next to the exe, but recent versions of Windows prevent this - hence the error.

To see the true error you need to run the console version of LINKPlanner. To do this:

  • Press Windows Key + R (or click Start → Run)
  • Type “cmd” and click OK to start the Command Prompt
  • Navigate to the LINKPlanner installation directory, e.g.
    cd "c:\Program Files\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner"
  • From this directory, run the console version of LINKPlanner

You will notice several expected warnings such as:

WARNING Failed to find link_planner/privacy_url in config file
WARNING Using default for link_planner/privacy_url:
WARNING Failed to find link_planner_beta/latest_version in config file

At some point LINKPlanner should error and display the reason in the console. Please send the console output to and we will investigate the problem.

Alternatively, use the online version, which is available at since the desktop version won’t be getting any new features and only limited product updates from this point.