LinkPlanner missing hardware

Link planner 5.4.4 is missing the epmp3000L completely and Canada does not have the 3000csm?
This is a valid combination for tdd-ptp (I am using a few links link this). And dont tell me to use the 400 equipment, its not sync able.

Hi Douglas,

As per the previous post on Force 300 CSM for Canada we will be adding this in our next release, which should be available by first week in May.

We do have ePMP 3000L in LINKPlanner for its primary role as an AP, but I presume that you are looking to use it on a PTP link? We will look to add this, but I can’t guarantee it will make our next release.

Please note that for both Force 300 CSM and ePMP 3000L they are only Type Approved by Cambium with the FCC and Canada for antenna gains up to 25 dBi.


There is also a lot of antennas that are no longer available especially for the e3k & e3k-L (only two sectors available and no omnis? Really?)

I get that some combinations are “not approved” but that is basically saying you havent submitted that combination for regulatory review. So how about allowing us to choose the antenna we plan to use. Micro sites do not need 4 sectors and forcing an e3k where a e3k-L is more appropriate isnt helping us.

Hi Douglas,

We won’t allow the selection in LINKPlanner until we have approval. There could be additional EIRP or power restrictions that we need to add.

If you want to experiment with other antenna choices then you can use the “Other” Country option along with your own User Limit applied to the Power. The BOM will be incorrect, but that shouldn’t be a problem at this stage.