LINKPlanner New Features and Capabilities Webinar

Learn about the exciting new features recently introduced in LINKPlanner, including addition of clutter and viewsheds, as well as planning cnRanger LTE networks.

Tuesday, April 14, 9:00 AM Central Daylight Time

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Please post any questions you'd like answered in the webinar here.

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First question:
I've seen the new Viewshed feature to help for constumer's coverage.
I ask you if there's a way to export the viewshed created in a .kmz file for Google Earth import.

Second question:
There's a way to costumize the coverage?
For exemple, if i have the coverage (not the Viewshed but the classic coverage) for a south-west AP, can I set the Viewshed for the south-west instead a 360° Viewshed coverage?

If not, can be a future feature?



Thanks for the feedback.

We have had another request for the viewshed export in the Google Earth file. It may be possible, with certain restrictions. It can take a while to generate the viewshed, so we could only include the results if they have been pre-calculated and cached. However, we may also decide to periodically clear out the cache on the server - so the images could disappear. We're not planning on embedding them in the kmz file at this stage.

It's something that we will consider adding, but it isn't a priority at the moment.

We've got no plans to restrict the viewshed to the antenna beamwidth since the viewshed is associated with a site rather than a particular AP.



Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar. Here is the recording and a PDF of the slides: