LINKPlanner not sending email profiles

LINKPlanner version 3.5.5 and higher only allows you to requests path profiles using the web service. Email requests are no longer supported. To use the web service you need to register and obtain an access token. This is randomly generated and different to the password that you used to register with the Cambium support site.

 To register with the service and activate the automatic profiles:

- Click "Tools" -> "Options" and select the "Path Profile"

- Change the "Profile request method" to "Automatic Profiles"

- Click "Register for automatic profiles" and fill in the information in the on-line form

    > Your password will be sent to the email address that you provide

- Copy and paste the password into the "Password" field and click "Test profile service"

The profiles will automatically appear in LINKPlanner without having to wait for emails.

You should have been prompted to register with the service when you tried to request profiles in LINKPlanner. If you enter an incorrect email address or password then you will see a large red cross at the bottom right of your LINKPlanner screen. You can right-click on this (or the tick) to see the status of your profile requests. Let me know if you have any problems.