LINKPlanner: Selecting ePMP1000 Integrated as AP


I am working on a ptp link with ePMP. I am trying to select ePMP Integrated as AP in LINKPlanner as the distance involed is small (< 150m.)

a. When I try to create a ptp link, I cannot select ePMP 1000 at all

b. When I try to create a pmp link, I can select ePMP 1000 Integrated for Subcribers. But I can not select the ePMP 1000 Integrated antenna for AP or bypass antenna configuration.

How do deal with above? Any pointers or guide, please? Thanks.


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I am sorry but we have not yet included the PTP version of ePMP in LINKPlanner, this should be available in the next 2 months.

In PMP mode we do not include the Integrated Antenna for use at the AP, as the integrated antenna only has a beamwidth of 30 degrees and will therefore result in very small sectors.

It is not possible at the moment to add custom antennas to the AP in LINKPlanner, as LINKPlanner uses a 3D antenna pattern to determine the gain to each SM from the AP and we need to ensure that we have this detailed information correctly defined in LINKPlanner for each AP antenna.

In the short term you can use LINKPlanner to determine whether the link will be LOS or non-LOS, then please use the ePMP Link Capacity Planner Calculator, which is freely available from the Support pages on the Cambium website, to assess the performance of the link.


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Thanks for the answer. But in my specific case, the ap's inbuilt antenna is more than sufficient as all the sm(s) will be spread within 2 degree sector.