LinkPlanner the frequency interference analysis 700Mhz

I work for design the 700Mhz PTP with cnReach N500 700Mhz, I wonder about, does the LinkPlanner has the frequency interference analysis future to support 700 Mhz PTP?

I know the LINKPlanner allows users to add additional interference levels to be taken into within the calculations, but is the LinkPlanner has the capability to do internally frequency interference analysis?

Hi Edwar,

Unfortunately LINKPlanner doesn’t perform any interference analysis. The frequency planning and interference analysis need to be performed manually.

If you manually enter the interference value into LINKPlanner then it will be factored into the availability calculations.



which software you recommend to do the interference analysis?

for any other frequency interference analysis software will required radio and antenna files, do the cambium provide the radio file (cnReach N500 700Mhz) and antenna file to use pathloss?

I don’t have any software recommendations, but someone else on the board may have some suggestions.

We don’t provide Pathloss files for cnReach and, unfortunately we don’t have the antenna files for these antennas either. When we do, they are available for download in the antennas table.