LinkPlanner Updates

Getting quite a few updates come through.. I understand if there are software bug fixes and improvements to the software - all good.

But if there is just an update for adding a new product, could this just be synchronised with a server or some automatic update, instead of having to re-download and update the software?


Hi Daniel,

It isn't possible to update LINKPlanner in this way and because of the way that the software works we're unlikely to change that. An automatic update process would still require a full download and reinstall and it would probably introduce more problems than it solves.

When a new product or product feature is introduced then there are changes throughout the LINKPlanner code - BOM, installation reports, UI. These changes are rarely as simple as an update to an equipment definition file. 

Users do not have to update to every release that we make (anyone running 4.8.5 should really move to 4.8.6 though). The path profile service will still accept requests from v4.2.0 (released 26 November 2014) and we have users that are using that today.

For each release we publish the release notes on the download site and an extended form on this forum. You can use this to determine if the version contains changes that are important to you.