LINKPlanner v3.1.0 Release

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from … inkplanner

[u:3nk0sww1]Changes in version 3.1.0[/u:3nk0sww1]

New or changed features

  • Introduce Preliminary Spatial Diversity capability for licensed

  • Removed Preliminary Status from PTP 250 5.4 GHz licenses:

    • Canada
    • Guam
    • Puerto Rico
    • United States
    • US Virgin Islands

  • Added optional capability for users to define a watermark for path profile images

  • Included FCC 99.95% minimum payload requirement to link error status

  • FCC License Coordination report now reports Cambium Antenna part number, receive end signal level and fade margin

  • Added Switch selection option as an Extras tab for licensed products in the BOM

Bug Fixes

  • Paste sites wasn’t importing tower heights correctly in all cases

  • Ensure link error status updates automatically when prediction model is switched between ITU and Vigants - Barnett

  • Ensure default equipment settings are used for new links when generated through the link icon on the map

  • Fixed a bug in the 1+1 Redundant Antenna BOM creation which wasn’t generating correct feeder components for remote mount antennas.

  • Fixed unpredictable behaviour when displaying a site or panning the view.