LINKPlanner v4.4.1 Release Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.4.1 are:

New or changed features

  • cnReach
    • Add N500 at 900 MHz in PTP mode
  • PTP 700
    • Changed band name from 4.5 to 4.7 GHz to match product naming

Old projects saved with PTP 700 at 4.5 GHz will automatically open up with PTP 700 in 4.7 GHz band

  • Removed Preliminary from PTP 700 EU countries at 5.8 GHz
  • Added support for 4.7 GHz for HCMP

Added a 90° sector antenna to cover the 4.4 to 5 GHz band.

  • Added 10 and 40 MHz bandwidths to HCMP
  • Added Over the Air Rekey license to Optional Extras for HCMP
  • Added new single polarity 6ft Radiowaves antennas to PTP 700 in 4.7 GHz band
  • CMM
    • Added support to optional extras for the 56V CMM5 module

This is available at the hub sites and at APs for PMP 450i, PMP 450m and ePMP 2000

  • ePMP
    • Modified ePTP throughput for System Release 3.0 enhancement

This increases the max throughput in either direction, but does not affect the bi-directional (aggregate) throughput.

  • ePMP 2000 – changed default surge suppressor to Gigabit Surge Suppressor

The 600SS surge suppressor is available through optional extras

  • PTP 820 – support for Release 8.5.5
    • Added ability to set a Minimum Mod Mode in ACM
    • Increased Adaptive Transmit Power Control to include 2048 QAM on PTP 820G
    • Updated the Radio Commissioning Notes to match Quick Installation Wizard order.
    • Increased the number of Surge Suppressors in the BOM for a PTP 820S link

This now provides two surge suppressors at each end of the link, for the top and bottom of the cable run.

  • PMP 450m
    • Modified AP power setting to configure EIRP instead of Transmit Power.
  • BOM Estimator
    • Added default antenna heights for the AP for PMP 450i and PMP 450m and at both AP and SM for PTP 700 HCMP, to allow cable quantities to be estimated.
    • Corrected part numbers for cnPilot E500 in Argentina, Australia, Brazil and China.
  • General
    • Reports – added warning about estimated report size

Larger projects will now show an estimation of the number of pages in the report and the ability to cancel the report creation process.

  • PMP reports – changed the Max Power setting for SMs to allow SMs to take advantage of ATPC and added an Operational Transmit Power for each SM

The operational transmit power at the SM shows the typical transmit power that the SM is expected to use during normal operation. Setting the SM to a Max Power instead of the operational power allows the SM to increase its power level should any fading occur, which increases the availability of the link.

  • Added System Gain Margin and Fade Margin at Max Usable Mode to PMP links views
  • Removed the Save as V3 command

The V3 version of LINKPlanner is no longer actively supported and recent additions to LINKPlanner make it difficult to go create files only with V3 functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • PMP 450 family - corrected Max VC limit for PMP 450i and at 30 MHz bandwidth for PMP 450

This removes the 119 VC limit for all PMP 450i configurations, but adds the 119 VC limit for PMP 450 at 30 MHz for 2.5 ms frames

  • Corrected cable aggregation quantities in the Network BOM and BOM Estimator
  • PTP 820 RFU-A corrected BOM quantities for 2+0 SP Branching Drawers and added Blanking Panels to 1+1 HSB SD links
  • Corrected error in PMP Equipment Templates where product is not valid in new band
  • Corrected error when trying to hide columns in an empty table
  • Corrected error when deleting the SM Range value
  • Ensure hidden items are not visible when opening projects or pasting in copied items
  • Fixed issue which was stopping collapsible panels from resizing after being expanded
  • Corrected issue when duplicating APs and associated subscribers, when there are multiple subscribers at the same location
  • Prevented PMP Equipment Templates from overwriting AP antenna orientation values
  • Corrected PMP Performance Details display for unused Modulation Modes on ePMP and PTP 700 HCMP
  • Corrected PTP 700 HCMP Max Usable Mode selection order (affects 16 QAM 0.63 Dual)

Hi admin,

I download linkplanner v4.4.1 and set up on laptop window 10. Then I start app but app not run.

Can you help me?

Thanks you!

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When you say that it starts but doesn't run is it the installer which is causing issues or LINKPlanner after you have installed?

The Windows installer is distributed as a zip file, so you need to unzip before installing. If it is the installer that is causing problems then it could be that your virus protection is incorrectly flagging the installer and preventing it from running.

If you are seeing the error after installing LINKPlanner then I need you to do the following:

  • Open a command window (press Windows key-r and type “cmd” in the “Open” box
  • Navigate to the LINKPlanner installation directory. E.g.:
cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner"
  • Run the console version of LINKPlanner:

You may see a few warning messages, etc before LINKPlanner stops running. Send me the output that you see in this window. It will be easier to send this to the LINKPlanner support email address -