LINKPlanner v4.5.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.5.1 are:

New or changed features

  • PMP 450 family
    • Added 3 GHz PMP/PTP 450i
    • Added 5 GHz band PMP/PTP 450i ATEX/HAZLOC as Preliminary
    • Added a default power supply and power cords automatically to the Access Point for both PMP 450 and 450i

A power supply has now been added to the BOM for all the 450 family of Access Points. If a CMM device is going to centrally power the Access Points this should be added from the optional extras at the hub site level and then set the quantity to zero for the default power supply at each Access Point.

  • Added 5ms Frame Period for PMP/PTP 450/450i for 5.4 GHz in ETSI
  • PTP 820
    • Added 59.3 MHz bandwidth at 8 GHz ETSI with T/R spacing 311.32 MHz
  • PTP 650
    • Added support for Rel 650-01-43, which updates region code options and available antennas for Japan
  • ePMP
    • Added support for Rel 14.2 which adds New Zealand at 5.2 and 5.4 GHz
  • PTP 800/810
    • Added notification about pending obsolescence of the IRFU

The IRFU radios for PTP 800i and PTP 810i will not be available for order after the end of February 2017. An indoor radio option is now available with the PTP 820i in the same frequency bands.

  • General
    • Improved the frequency selection process for complex licensed band link types

When planning 2+x links the frequency selection window will now show both links at the same time making it quicker and easier to set the channels for both paths.

  • Added additional LPU option to all outdoor PTP radios

An additional LPU (ALPU-F140) has been added as an optional extra for use when extra Ethernet cables without PoE are added to a radio and require surge suppression. Please note that this is a recommended part but is not available directly from Cambium.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue to allow custom antennas to be added at 900 MHz on PTP links
  • Fixed issue with configured remote frequency not appearing in frequency selection lists
  • Resolved update issues with PMP 450m throughput calculations when changing SM configuration
  • Corrected sensitivity values for PMP 450m subscribers that are not grouping and minor change to PMP 450m throughput calculation

These changes ensure that if none of the subscribers can group the throughput and modulation modes are the same as for sector mode.

Sectors with a number of ungrouped subscribers may show a slight improvement in throughput compared with previous versions as subscribers which are not grouping have no sensitivity degradation and will maintain their modulation mode.

Sectors where all subscribers were grouped will show a small reduction in downlink throughput in DL Mu-MIMO mode as the throughput calculation has been corrected to remove the slot for acknowledgments (which is present in the other PMP 450/450i calculations).

  • Moved the "Purge Unused Profiles" command to the Project menu, so that it is visible for Mac users


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