LINKPlanner v4.8.5 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The Windows version of this release is now a Cambium signed executable.

The key features of 4.8.5 are:

New or changed features

  • PMP 450 family
    • Addition of 3 GHz PMP 450m

This operates the same in LINKPlanner as the 5 GHz PMP 450m but note that the maximum group size is four at 3 GHz instead of seven on 5 GHz. The spatial frequencies also have a different repeat frequency at 3 GHz of about 40°.

  • Addition of UL Mu-MIMO

In LINKPlanner the Operating Mode for PMP 450m has changed from Downlink Mu-MIMO to simply Mu-MIMO as both downlink and uplink will now be enabled at the same time. The grouping is reciprocal, therefore subscribers that can group in the downlink will also group in the uplink, however in 30 and 40 MHz bandwidths the maximum group size on the uplink is three.

  • Addition of PTP 450b Mid Gain and High Gain

Note ETSI countries are still going through approvals and are included in LINKPlanner as Preliminary for planning purposes only.

  • PTP 820
    • Addition of PTP 820C HP

In this release this product is supported in the 6 and 11 GHz bands only. This product has higher transmit power than the PTP 820C and is comprised of a separate radio and diplexer unit, which incurs an additional diplexer loss. This diplexer loss is on both ends of the link and therefore limits the improvement due to the increased transmit power.

  • Support for Rel 10.3 software
    • Note this includes updates to sensitivity levels and changes to MRMC Script usage for XPIC with 28 and 56 MHz bandwidths

These changes will show as small changes in throughput, fade margin and availability. The changes are dependent on band and bandwidth and may slightly improve or degrade the performance. The change for the XPIC bandwidths will reduce the throughput from previous versions.

  • Addition of ancillary parts into Optional Extras

Added an alternative PTP 820C PoE Injector, new license keys and antenna adaptor kits

  • cnReach
    • Addition of 406 – 470 MHz bands in PMP mode

These bands support Australia, ETSI and United States regulations

  • cnPilot
    • Added e430H to BOM Estimator
  • General
    • Added a new project level Proposal Report combining both PTP and PMP

Bug Fixes

  • Corrections to PTP 550/Force 300 frequency ranges

This change restricts the lower end of the 5.4 GHz frequency band

  • Corrected refresh issue with Best Server results when the Best Server configuration is changed

When the displayed results match the configuration above them the Go button will be disabled. If any of the configuration options are changed the results are still available to be saved or applied to the network, however the Go button will be enabled to allow the Best Server to be reanalysed. When the results table is displayed and the Go button is enabled the results displayed don’t match the configuration shown.

  • Fixed issue preventing Best Server results from saving to csv file
  • Prevented horn antennas from being available for 450 family APs in US and Canada, which had been added in error.
  • Updated PMP 450m multiplexing gain calculations to correctly take account of subscribers that can’t group.

This correction prevents the sensitivity of the subscribers from having the grouping adjustment applied if they cannot group. This will improve the performance of non-grouping subscribers.

  • Corrected SM Max Power read only value so that it continues to show product or regulatory limits when User Limit is in use
  • Improved PMP Channel Plans to ensure that changes in frequency on a channel is refreshed through the project
  • Corrected issues with PTP BOM where multipack items were not aggregating correctly at the network level

At the PTP link level the BOM will show the number of items required from a multipack, but at the network level the BOM will aggregate the number of individual items required and show the number of packs required.


  • Updated 3 GHz PMP 450i AP Sector antenna pattern

The 3 GHz 450i AP sector antenna pattern has been remeasured and the pattern used in LINKPlanner to determine the gain to each subscriber has been updated. This may result in some changes in performance to individual subscribers.