LINKPlanner v4.9.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The Windows version of this release is now a Cambium signed executable.

The key features of 4.9.1 are:

New or changed features

  • ePMP
    • Added 4x4 Multi User in Preliminary mode to ePMP 3000 AP

There is a column available in the Links to Subscriber Module Table and PMP tables called “MU-MIMO Grouping OK?”, which shows whether individual subscribers are capable of grouping with the other subscribers on the Access Point.

  • Added Backward Compatibility between ePMP 3000 AP and 11n subscribers

Note that 11n subscriber modules (e.g. Force 180, 190 or 200) do not support MCS 8 or 9, 80 MHz bandwidth and will not group when 4x4 Multi-User is selected. If the ePMP 3000 AP is set to 80 MHz bandwidth the 11n subscriber modules will not be available to select. Changing an existing AP with 11n subscriber modules allocated to 80 MHz will reset all the SMs to valid 11ac options.

  • Updated ePMP capacity prediction algorithm to include backward compatibility
    • Note that this has a small impact on PTP 550 and Force 300 PTP throughput as well
  • PTP 820
    • Improved configuration options for PTP 820F to support all Ethernet configurations and allow 2.5 GbE port support.

Please note that the highest capacity configurations use Single Ethernet (MC-ABC) with Cat 5e or Cat 6A between the IDU and RFU and the 2.5 GbE input ports on the IDU. Multiple Ethernet is restricted to the GbE input ports on the IDU. At the moment the fiber connection between the IDU and RFU is restricted to GbE per RFU.

  • Added further information to the Installation Reports
  • Changed PTP 820F with RFU-S to Preliminary in the 6 – 8 and 23 GHz bands as these parts are not available to order until 2nd half of 2019.
  • 450 family Rel 16.0.1 changes
    • Add 5ms frame sizes on 7 and 30 MHz bandwidths
    • Add Hungary as a country option
    • Remove Preliminary from PTP 450b ETSI countries
    • Add DC cables to 3 GHz PMP 450m and update LPU power supply

The default LPU power supply has changed from N000000L034 to N000900L017. N000000L034 is still a valid supply to use and is available through the optional extras.

  • General
    • Added User Power limits to PMP Access Points and cnReach SM to provide common functionality with PTP and allow differentiation between automatic regulatory/product changes and user required limits.


This new feature on Access Points will ensure that when the User Limit is not selected the AP transmit power will automatically update when the regulatory requirements change. To set a lower user limit, tick the User Limit box and enter the required value. Note that if the value entered is higher than the regulatory or product limits then this value will not be used. If the value entered is lower than the product limits a warning will be displayed.


The user limit can be enabled/disabled in the Access Point table views but note that there are different columns depending on the product being used. For PMP 450m user the EIRP Limit, for cnReach user the Power Limit (mW) and for all other products user Power Limit (dBm). The other options can always be changed regardless of the product but will have no effect.


When opening projects from older LINKPlanner versions, LINKPlanner will attempt to identify whether the power limit was configured automatically or entered by the user, however in some cases due to the default configurations it may result in a user limit being shown that was not intended, please check that any user limits are configured as required.



Bug Fixes

  • Added GE port activation keys to PTP 820G Multiple Ethernet options
  • Corrected PTP 820F RFU-D HP power connector to DC connector
  • PTP 550 – added an additional surge suppressor to each end of the link to match recommended configuration
  • PTP 670/700 – Added missing radomes to optional extras and removed Preliminary from PTP 670 ATEX/HAZLOC products in both PTP and HCMP
  • PTP 820C – Prevent Single Ethernet (MC-ABC) option with Independent Paths

The product does not support using different bandwidths or fixed/adaptive and maximum modulation mode settings with Single Ethernet (MC-ABC)

  • PTP 820C – Limit Maximum Modulation Mode for 2+2 and 4+0 links the same as for 2+0

This change prevents the adaptive modulation mode from adapting down below 64 QAM (Profile 4) on PTP 820C when the bandwidth is less than or equal to 14 MHz and the Ethernet Configuration is Single Ethernet (MC-ABC). On PTP 820G the limit is only applied to bandwidths less than or equal to 7 MHz.

  • Move PTP Sync and Trimble GPS to GPS Synchronization Optional Extras folder
  • cnReach PMP Corrected issue with Center Frequency not updating correctly

This bug could result in the wrong cable loss or antenna gain being used as they are based on the center frequency, this may result in a correction in the performance prediction when opening in the new version

  • PTP 670 ATEX/HAZLOC HCMP – corrected issue with modulation modes when AP and SM were not using the same product type, i.e. one end was ATEX/HAZLOC and the other end was not

So I have a problem with Link Planner 4.91 which on Cambium's advice I am running instead of 5.0 because of the infrastructure exclusions in 5.0

I am running Win 7 Pro with Google earth Pro, as the below pic shows when I check the possible line of sight I am not able to get the terrain profile.

I further more thought that you could / used to be able to add "obstructions" or similar from the profile editor Link Plan, I was sure that I used to be able to do it but as the pic inserted below that also ability seems to be missing.
Am I missing something ?.


Wayne Pryor

Managing Director

Waykat Services

Melbourne Australia

I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with LINKPlanner.

Have you tried requesting a new access token and then left-clicking on "Test profile service"?

(This is under Tools, Options, Path Profile.)

I hope this helps!


Yep I sure have and I get this error regardless to what machine I try it on

Got it. I'm sorry you're having this problem. We will investigate and get back to you shortly.

(It's Friday, so we may not have the answer until next week. Sorry!)


Hi Wayne,

Follow these instructions -

Make sure that you configure your proxy settings correctly and note that LINKPlanner does not support NTLM authentication, which can be the default with Microsoft's proxy server.