LINKPlanner v5.2.0 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

We have removed the signing of the Mac app to prevent MacOS incorrectly flagging the dmg file as damaged.

The key features of 5.2.0 are:

New or changed features

  • cnRanger
    • Addition of cnRanger as Preliminary for LTE Bands 38, 40 and 41

Please take a look at our Knowledge Base article for more information on planning cnRanger networks at


  • ePMP – Add support for Rel 4.3.2
    • ePMP 3000L increase Max Registrations Allowed to 64
    • ePMP 3000 change to four Rx chains improves receive sensitivity by 3 dB
    • Add LDPC to all products (except ePMP 3000 which already supports it), improves sensitivity by 1 to 3 dB depending on product and MCS.
    • Update Force 110 PTP GbE radio part numbers to use Rxxx instead of Bxxx parts
    • Obsolete Force 110 AR5-25 SM/PTP radios
  • PMP 450 family
    • Add United States CBRS regulatory band
  • PTP 670/700
    • PTP 700 revert to original warranty part numbers
    • Update software version required for E1/T1 support with NIDU on PTP 700 to 02-55
    • Include 4.9 GHz antenna warnings for 5 GHz antennas on HCMP as well as PTP
  • PTP 820
    • PTP 820E Increase Maximum Receive Power to -26 dBm when ATPC is disabled
    • Add 28 and 56 MHz bandwidths to 11 GHz ETSI regulation
    • Update 6 GHz HPX antennas

The separate Lower and Upper 6 GHz HPX antennas have been replaced with a single 6 GHz HX antenna

  • General
    • Remove Software Support contracts

Bug Fixes

  • Allow support for CSV path import on PMP links
  • Removed FCC Minimum payload from 38 GHz as not required by FCC
  • Corrected issue on PTP 670/700 when configuring Sync with E1/T1
  • Allow tab key movement on number entry fields
  • Show equipment errors when loading .lpp project files
  • Corrected error preventing opening project files on mac by double clicking
  • Corrected error preventing Medusa grouping module being used if user’s home directory is a UNC path
  • Prevented LINKPlanner crashing when the color in the channel plans is updated