LINKPlanner v5.2.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

We have removed the signing of the Mac app to prevent MacOS incorrectly flagging the dmg file as damaged.

The key features of 5.2.1 are:

New or changed features

  • ePMP – Added support for Rel 4.4
    • Added Force 130 2.4 GHz to both PTP and SM
    • Added Force 300-13, 300-19 and 300-19 to both PTP and SM
    • Added Force 300-16 and 300-CSM to PTP
    • Removed MIMO mode selection option from ePMP 3000
    • Added 5.2 and 5.4 GHz support for ePMP 3000, Force 300-16 and 300-25 in Canada, United States and associated FCC countries
    • Added TwistPort adaptors for horn antennas and removed brackets no longer required

Force 300 products can now be added interchangeably at each end of a PTP link.



Force 300 products using the 11ac chipset cannot be interchanged with those using the 11n chipset, such as Force 180 or Force 200.

  • PMP 450 family
    • Support for Release 16.1
      • Addition of Effective Contention slots option
      • Addition and updates of several country regulations
    • Addition of LITE AP radios to Optional Extras
    • Added support for PTP link between Mid Gain and High Gain radios

The new Effective Contention slots field in this release has been added to PMP 450 and PMP 450i Access Points, but is not available on PMP 450m. The Contention slots works the same as previous releases and in combination with the Downlink Data sets the timing for synchronization with other sites and the number of symbols available for data traffic in the downlink. The new Effective Contention slots allows for the uplink traffic to be varied independently of the downlink based on the number of slots reserved for bandwidth requests and allows users to emulate the Effective Contention Slots Average with the Auto Contention feature introduced in Rel 16.1.



  • PTP 820
    • Updated remote mount antennas, replacing obsolete antennas with new options
  • cnRanger
    • Added cnRanger to BOM Estimator
    • Updated default BBU and RRH power supplies

The BOM Estimator works in a very similar way to other PMP products, with the addition of a new field to allow the number of BBU’s to be defined as well as the number of RRH’s. The network level BOM includes the parts for both the BBU’s and RRH’s.

  • cnPilot
    • Updated existing products to add new countries and remove obsolete parts
  • General
    • Added option in Best Server Analysis to set SM height above local clutter

This release of LINKPlanner extends the options for how to define the SM height used during the Best Server Analysis.

  • The “Use subscriber site maximum height?” option takes the maximum height defined in the Subscriber Sites list. This is the height above ground level, excluding clutter and any obstructions. If no height has been defined it falls back to the Antenna Height Above Ground.
  • The “Use height above ground?” option always uses the Antenna Height Above Ground. Again this is the height above the terrain height excluding any clutter or obstruction heights added above the terrain.
  • The “Use minimum height above clutter?” is the new option which sets a height above the clutter + terrain height rather than just above ground level. Where this height is lower than the value set for Antenna Height Above Ground then the Antenna Height Above Ground will be used. If the height above clutter is set to 1 m and the Antenna Height above Ground is set to 10 m, then for all locations where the clutter height is less than 9 m the Antenna Height Above Ground of 10 m will be used, but if the clutter height is greater than 10 m, the height used for the SM height will be the clutter height + 1m.


  • Added ability to edit/delete group names across a project

When adding a new group it can be added either just to the hub site selected or to all hub sites in the project.


When deleting a group there are several options depending on whether there are any APs assigned to the group and whether you want the APs to be deleted as well as the group or just the group and keep the APs and whether this action is just for the selected hub site or the whole project.


Bug Fixes

  • Prevented error when adding Optional Extras in BOM Estimator
  • Re-enabled resize option on template and BOM Estimator dialogs
  • Corrected issue when disabling Space Diversity without disabling reflection mitigation
  • Corrected adaptive modulation mode selection for PTP 820C 2+x SD
  • Prevented error when selecting Clear Selection in column edit dialog
  • Added additional grounding kits for 3 GHz PMP 450m DC cable
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