LINKPlanner v5.2.3 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of 5.2.3 are:

New or changed features

  • PTP 550
    • Added PTP 550E including 4.9 and Lower 6 GHz bands

Please note that the antennas supported varies across the bands. There isn’t a common antenna that supports the full range from the bottom of the 4.9 GHz band to the top of the Lower 6 GHz band and therefore 2+0 links do not support 4.9 GHz and Lower 6 GHz on the two paths. The selected antenna may automatically update as the bands are changed on Link A and Link B to ensure that it supports both bands.

  • PMP 450 family
    • Added 3 GHz PMP 450b High Gain radio to both PTP and PMP
    • Increased PMP 450m 3 GHz EIRP sector limit for Rel 16.1.1

The maximum EIRP sector limit in the 3 GHz bands on PMP 450m has increased by 1 dB from 47 to 48 dBm.

  • ePMP
    • Added Force 300-13L radio to both PTP and PMP
    • Added 4.9 GHz band to ePMP 3000, ePMP 3000L and Force 300 products in both PTP and PMP
  • PTP 670/700
    • Added support for custom antennas in the 7 and 8 GHz bands on PTP 700
  • PTP 820
    • Added 62.5 and 125 MHz bandwidths on PTP 850E for Rel 10.9.5
    • Slight modifications to PTP 820C, 820G and 820S capacity values for Rel 10.9.6

In general this provides a small increase in throughput.

  • General
    • Changed online map to remove dependence on Google Maps, who are stopping support for Windows IE, which LINKPlanner embedded map requires.

The online map offers the same functionality as the previous version of LINKPlanner. The required map layer can be selected by moving the cursor over the layers icon.




The layer options allow for a street map/vector layer (“Map”) or a satellite image layer (“Satellite”). The Satellite layer can optionally display street names by checking the “Satellite Street Labels” checkbox.



The map tiles are provided by ESRI.

  • Modified installation report to make it clearer that Antenna Tilt is the mechanical angle not the electrical tilt.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed PTP 820 18 GHz Wide ETSI regulation as radios are not supported

The ETSI regulation is no longer available when the PTP 820C or PTP 820S Wide radios are selected, please use the Narrow radios instead. This does not affect performance as the ETSI regulations only support up to 55 MHz bandwidth at 18 GHz.

  • PTP 700 1+1 HSB Corrected issue with combiner part numbers and missing parts

In the 4/5 GHz bands the combiner part number has been corrected and in the 7/8 GHz bands the combiner was previously missing from the BOM and has now been re-instated

  • PTP 820C 2+x SD corrected missing 2048 QAM data rate
  • PTP 820E corrected missing capacity keys in the BOM
  • Ensured project tree refreshes when deleting multiple objects
  • Corrected issue with line of sight line on path profile not updating correctly when a site is moved.