LINKPlanner v5.4.4 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of 5.4.4 are:


  • Added 3 GHz frequency band products

    The 3.5 and 3.6 GHz frequency bands now support cnRanger as well as the 450 family. Choose 3.5 GHz for Band 42 and 3.6 GHz for Band 43 or Band 48 (CBRS). Planning the cnRanger in the 3 GHz band is the same as for the 2 GHz band product

  • Removed 5 GHz product style names (Palisade and Tyndall)

    The products are now shown as cnRanger RRH and cnRanger SM with the appropriate product number.


  • Added Force 425 and Force 400C to create PTP links

    Please note that in this release these products are only supported on the PTP side of LINKPlanner and cannot be combined on a link with either 11n or 11ac products.

    On Force 425 choose the Range Extender option in the antenna selection.

PTP 700

  • Added PTP 700 Lite 150 products and support for Release 03-30

    The Lite 150 products only support 5 to 20 MHz bandwidths and modulation modes up to 64 QAM 0.92. Please be careful when switching from Lite 150 back to Full to make sure you reset the bandwidth and Highest Mod Mode, as they will not update automatically due to the lower settings being valid on the Full capacity license.

  • Updated PTP 700 7/8 GHz Parabolic antennas

PTP 820/850

  • Updated PTP 850 to Rel 11.5 introducing 1+1 HSB and the 1250 and 1750 MHz bandwidths on the PTP 850E and 10 MHz bandwidth on PTP 850C

    Please note that the 1+1 HSB requires an external coupler and is therefore not supported with the integrated PTP 850E.

    The 10 MHz bandwidth on PTP 850C does not support modulation modes below 16QAM (Profile 3).

  • Updated PTP 820 to Rel 11.5

    Minor updates so that PTP 820F will always use 80 and 112 MHz bandwidths on both paths when independent paths is selected as the same MRMC script must be used for these bandwidths. PTP 820E in multiband mode must use Profile 0 as the minimum profile in adaptive mode. There are also some updates to the license keys. The 80 GHz products for both PTP 820E and PTP 850E now have a minimum license key of 1 Gbps.

  • Removed Ethernet Cable options on PTP 820E Multiband

    The multiband configuration always uses Cat6A and therefore the choice was not affecting the BOM.

60 GHz cnWave

  • Updated V5000 AP antenna pattern and corrected gain calculation

    The combination of the correction to the gain calculation and new antenna pattern results in an average of 2.6 dB improvement.

  • Added V3000 small form factor antenna option

    This antenna option is selected in the antenna configuration

PMP 450

  • Added mounting bracket for PMP 450i ATEX/HAZLOC Integrated Access Point
  • Updated cnMaestro CBRS template
  • Updated PMP-450 Integrated + Reflector antenna gains and beamwidths for CBRS
  • Obsoleted 3.5 and 3.6 GHz PMP/PTP 450 radios


  • Improved performance when adding new links through the map

  • Improved Highlight AP command functionality for cnWave 60 GHz and allow users to correctly select hidden items in the cnWave 60 GHz channel planning map

  • Added the ability to change templates to the right-click map menu options

    You can now apply and save equipment templates to PTP Links and Access Points from either the online or offline map views using the right click menu list.

  • Introduced acceptance of terms and conditions on start-up

    Users must opt-in to be able to use LINKPlanner

  • Added hyperlink to LINKPlanner Certification Training on start-up page

    A LINKPlanner Certification Training course is now available on Cambium Learning at

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent LINKPlanner from crashing when changing a PMP link between bands with different modulation mode formats
  • Fixed issues when applying cnWave 60 GHz equipment templates
  • Fixed error when creating custom SM antenna on the Mac version
  • Fixed error on cnReach 900 MHz licensed band PMP equipment template
  • Improved antenna filtering for custom antennas
  • Fixed issues with cascading changes in clutter heights to Best Server analysis profiles and on new profiles.
  • Fixed issue with results being cleared part way through Best Server analysis
  • Fixed issue creating PTP 700 custom antennas in the 7 GHz band